Is it a FULL moon?????

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Ok! The wild child went to school. So if school truly wears him out tonight should not have happened!!! In fact they all went to school. They said it was talked about in school about the poor little ones out east. They said they too are afraid to go to school. At My daughters school they are so over crowded they have to go outside the school to get to classes on time. They cut the though the parking lots…. This not only is allowed but encouraged… Sound safe to you???

So my wild child was sitting in the chair and I went to him because he started to cry. I picked him up and put him in my lap. We put PJ’s on, gave him meds and he settled right in. But suddenly something was not sad but funny!!!! He would not shut off the giggle factory. He kept it up. He was winding himself up. I faked sleeping and then it was funny to turn into a monster child by pulling my hair and head-butting me. Like the mama grizzly I gave him a swat on the hip pocket. He paused 2 seconds and gave me the me the most wicked evil laugh I have ever heard. Then he dug his sharp-pointed bones into my ribs, lap and muscles. I could take no more and Colt took him up to his bed. That was at 9:15 pm. Colt just came in my room (at 11:03 pm) and said. “I think I got him asleep… Or he’s finally just tired enough that he’s at a cooing point” Ok… We are going to try to sleep to just see what happens…! And then?

So much for an early night!!! Hmmmm! I actually think I hear him growling in there like a grizzly bear…. Yep! He’s awake!

Thanks Dear Colt!!!! I’m sorry. I would have taken over and just when I was about to it sounded quite and then He’d get all wild again… Love you bud!!!
Love to all my kids!

This is what we do to look alert these days… J/K…. My kids came to me backwards and said “mom remember how you told us not to stay up all night or our eyes would bug out?” I said “yes… Why?” They turned around and showed me this…..



We try to have a good dose of humor every day!!! It helps keep one sane!
Oh! Yeah!!! He’s still at it… Gotta go help!!!

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  1. Mom do I dare go get in my bed now? If he wasn’t so funny and cute we would go nuts!