Despite Kodi being sick it was a day of rest!

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Soft glowing lights and a little fire. Relaxing Day!

We rested today. It was relaxing. The fire was on the day was dark and rain/sleet/snowy and we had a warm glow going on in our little town home. Kodi was a chair potato all day. He would go from crying this afternoon to giggling and then crying. I gave him a couple of cut up cucumbers that I had made for my cucumber sandwich. We watched a couple of movies like P.S. I Love You with Gerard Butler (new movie is Playing For Keeps), and Leap Year, and Monte Carlo with Selena Gomez. We listened to Taylor Swift and Brandi Carlile. We did just mostly quiet things today. Kodi ate very little… It’s why I poked little bits in his mouth to see what would go down. Macaroni and Cheese? Not so much. He still has a bite in his mouth from an hour ago.

The movies made me want to go to Ireland!!! I also want to visit Glacier National Park in Montana some day. I also want to go to Kodiak Alaska. I want to see the grizzlies there. However you can also go to the MN Zoo and visit the Grizzly Coast (my favorite part of the zoo) Oh! Check out an awesome book that I have in my living room Kodiak Kings by Jason Wood.  The photos are amazing.

This reminds me…

5K Run at MN Zoo, Tigars
Getting everyone ready for the 5K, I was looking to see who needed what.

We walk/ran a 5K at MN Zoo this last August. I’m sure Kodi and I came in dead last however, I was pushing him in a 35 pound stroller… he’s about 50 pounds…

5K Run at MN Zoo, Tigars
I was exhausted! I guess I can say I did it.
5K Run at MN Zoo, Tigars
5K walk/run at the Minnesota Zoo this last summer

So I ran most of the way but after those hills just had to catch my breath and walk. By the way. We registered Kodi. But the problem was he slept the whole time in his stroller.  We did this with friends. My two older ones were great… they did awesome. And my Colt was so worried about me… He actually came running back looking for me… poor guy… Would I run a 5K again? I’m not into racing never was… Running for me is just to run down that dirt country road or path and experience nature at its best… you do get a runners high… but racing… not my cup of tea.  For a good cause maybe… but pushing 70 to 80 pounds again? NEVER! Isn’t that what sled dogs are for? That’s an Idea!!! Maybe we will get enough snow and I can take kids on a short one of those dog sledding races… Or maybe we can go watch one… Hmmmm! What do you think guys? Would that be fun?

5K Run at MN Zoo, Tigars
Kodi slept the whole way and Colt watched him while I re-hydrated…
5K Run at MN Zoo, Tigars
Opps blurry photo…

Ok so I think my little one is beginning to feel better… Just in time for his meds and then get him to bed… Hopefully we all get a grand nights sleep tonight!

My favorite all time expression now is from Leap Year movie “Put it in the wash. it will be grand” Love Love Love it! Oh! and Symone and I love to embarrass Colt and talk in our accent all english like “It’s a wee bit chilly!” you get the point. We have fun!

I might just curl up in my little bed and read a book. Or watch another movie or who knows just drift off to sleep…

With Kodiak it’s still like with a newborn… You have to get your sleep when you can. If you don’t you go without and then you become very very exhausted and run on empty.  Then we get sick. So sleep is a good thing. I hope he does tonight!!!

Thanks for checking in and thanks for the emails my friends… Love you all!

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  1. Sweet dreams!

  2. I hope Kodi is feeling better now. It seems like you had a nice relaxing day. Here in Sicily today the sky is gray and it even rained so we are also staying inside.

  3. Hey this is Emily a.k.a. Emmy, I want to see Leap Year again! Was so much fun that night when we watched it. We have no snow. Love yal!