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AT 9:45 PM last night the local school districts automated phone calls let us know that there was no school today.  Symone had just 30 seconds before that told me she was so tired and hopes school would be called off… We both laughed at the timing.  I however, due to the snow, got a location change as to where I would go to work… So this morning after my shower and trying to be absolutely quiet… I got in my truck and hit the garage door opener to back out and it went up 4 inches and stopped.. Grrr!!! This happened to us on Friday too.  So now I felt really bad.  I called Colten… “Hello?” “Yes, sorry but I need your help. I can’t get out of the garage again.” He was down in a flash. Held it up while I backed out and then we got it back down… Sorry kiddo but they both went back to sleep and Kodi blessed them with sleep and they all got to sleep in. Kodi slept in until 10:00 am… 🙂

I have this little story to tell… Last night on our errand run. Colt dropped his phone outside the truck at a little food shop…  We went to get milk and then went home. He discovered he could not find his phone as we were entering the house. I called his phone. NO ANSWER and he still could not find his phone.  I said “let’s go!” I got into the truck and began backing out. I looked up his iPhone on the app “find my iPhone and found where it was at.  I told him someone might have picked it up. Sure enough it was traveling. I clicked the option to lock the phone. It required me to type a code, and then enter a phone number to call back. I hit enter and we were by the grocery store where he thought it might be in the snow where he fell.  Right a way I got a call from his iPhone.  The person on the other end would not answer me when I said “hello” so I said “ANSWER ME! I KNOW WHERE YOU ARE AND YOU HAVE MY SONS PHONE! WE NEED IT BACK OR I WILL BE CALLING THE POLICE!” The man answered me and said he would leave it at the check out in a restaurant…. (I will skip the details but not where we had been, in fact a different food place. So we can’t understand why they were at one food place and then went to a restaurant.) But it was close by and we drove over there and saw a man run to his jeep (we have the licence plate numbers and photo) he was getting something out of it and I pulled up right in front of the door of restaurant.  We were all walking in and he said “are you here for the iPhone?” I said “yes” he handed me the iPhone and 2 parts to his case. I said “why is it all taken apart?” He said “we found it like that” I said “No you didn’t he just dropped it and the case does not just come off.” I’m sorry but here I had to act tough! I had wilderness survival tips from the men in my family running through my head.  (DEEP voice, make yourself look taller and bigger, look them in the eye and don’t look away, be quick and decisive and don’t hesitate for a second and don’t show fear) He said something and ran inside.  I drove across the parking lot looked at Colt’s phone. Saw the screens the man was looking at when the phone froze and wanted the password that I suddenly installed from my phone.  He was downloading programs and using the wi-fi in the restaurant and he was NOT intending to look for the owner.  I know what this man looks like, I know what he drives and so now I called the police. We have a report on file with the department. I need to protect my kids and all my son’s contacts that were in that phone.  If this was you that had my son’s phone or you know who it was. Let it be a lesson. And everyone out there that has one? Use that app. Make your kids use a pass code as well.  This ended ok.  But I would not recommend to do as I did.  I know our family has learned lessons here and I will say this… We won’t respond quite like I did tonight if it ever happens again. We will use police next time first. Tonight I shake my head in disbelief at myself! Tonight I shake in my boots. With the thoughts of what could have happened confronting that man alone… well with Colten.

This morning… The drive was slick, but snow packed… The interstate was slow and icy.  I exited as soon as I could and took the back roads.  Coming home was almost worse because now the snow packed interstate (MN side only) had what I would call “snow pot holes”.  Very rough road and 20 mph top speed.

I got home and Kodi was belly flopping on the couch. Symone was not feeling well… and Colt? Where were you? I can’t remember… However, Then the kids blurted out that they went outside and snowboarded and sledded down the hill with Kodi for 1 1/2 hours today. Kodi also played in the snow and loved it.  But Symone went down once and fell back and hit her head on snow packed snow and her head and eyes hurt. She came in and fell asleep. She seems ok otherwise. I ask “where are the helmets?” You guessed it “I don’t know!”

Needless to say they enjoyed today… No they did not take photos. And of course I was traveling to and from work in the dark and did not take photos. So there you go…

I do have this one from the past… I love it… My brother with my mom and dad’s 5 grandkids. He’s a great dad and a great uncle!! 🙂  (Sorry D had to put it in there :-))

Nana and Papa's 5 grandkids 4 wheeling with Darrin. Kodi loving it!
Nana and Papa’s 5 grandkids 4 wheeling with Darrin. Kodi loving it!