Funny little things on no sleep!

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So last night Kodi would not go to sleep until about 11 pm. But he was not manic crazy wild he began to cry… (By the way the ointment in his eyes is working they look better)

Sometimes in a 5 minute drive he will fall asleep... Not THIS night!!!
Sometimes in a 5 minute drive he will fall asleep… Not THIS night!!!
He has to have his Mama or human touch!
He has to have his Mama or human touch!

He cried when I was about to write a little blog and go to bed. So I shut the laptop down and sat in our chair and pulled him on my lap. He immediately cuddled up to me and snuggled in and pulled his blankie up around his neck and over his head, adjusted his Zorro mask and was still… A few more little whimpers and then he was out. This will never get old… I have held my babies now for 14 1/2 years. Is it ever something Kodi will outgrow? Sometimes if feel I need to treat him like a baby and cuddle with him… But is it just for me or does he want this. I’m I doing him a disfavor? I guess I feel he only now has sense of touch… Love can be felt so if he curls up on my lap and falls asleep and we have to carry his 50 pounds upstairs one or two flights then we have given him the comfort he needed to drift off into his slumber. He refuses to go to bed in his bed. He refuses to curl up and sleep. We have tried years sitting beside him, laying beside him etc… he just fights it. The only think that changed was just sitting on the couch and letting him lounge next to you or in your lap and he’d finally drift off. Then haul that little guy and tuck him into bed… It’s so cute. He will even wake up slightly enough to pull his shirt down if we don’t get to it soon enough and his tummy and back are exposed… But then he curls right back up and drifts off. He was up at a 5:45 am this morning… Tonight my little grizzly curled up in my lap, grabbed the blanket and snuggled in a little ball in my arms as the kids wanted to watch a short little movie. He sat up and signed behind his back “more” for the last bite of a banana and drink of Milk and then he was perfectly still. He was out at 8:45 pm. The movie was done shortly later and Symone took him from me and carried him up 2 flights of stairs to his bed. Now Colt and Symone are joining him and I am sitting here in my living room with the fire burning and lights low and wondering what was so different for this little man this week. He did not want his mask on tonight. His eyes look better. But forecast has possible freezing rain and snow moving in tonight and the next few days.. One thing funny on my WeatherBug forecast is an “aches and pains” forecast .. It’s stating that its worse at 12:00 am, 4:00 am, 6:00 am and then a stretch from 10:00 to 1:00 pm and gets better starting at 4:00 pm. Well it’s science that someone has studied. I usually just have to look at my kid and see what’s happening and know.

This child can’t wait to take his clothes off lately… He comes home from school and off they go. My kids try to keep them on.. But it’s a game. I figure every time he does we should sit him on the toilet and that will get old or he will associate it to using the potty. But then we don’t want him in public to strip every time he needs the potty. Always so many decisions … I will never forget my Grandma Dorothy telling me when Symone was born on how to be a successful parent “Never start something you will have to stop later.” I have to say that holds quite true… at least for Symone and Colten… But then Kodiak came along and we had to do things to help him survive that would have to change… I can’t imagine holding him in my chair when he’s 75 pounds and 5 feet tall… I can’s imagine him ever getting bigger but then I look at these baby photos and see them all getting so big…

My thumb is getting stronger… 🙂 Tonight I took my splint off just to bend my wrist and just keep it from getting stiff. Kodiak took it and put it on his right hand as well… funny…. He was really trying to figure it out…

Putting on his PJ’s was a game… They were nice and warm out of the dryer and he kept giggling… Symone took this photo.

He did not want to keep the shirt on.
He did not want to keep the shirt on.
He resisted at first but then decided it was what he wanted. Rare moment lately without Zorro mask... :-)
He resisted at first but then decided it was what he wanted. Rare moment lately without Zorro mask… 🙂

The national CHARGE Syndrome conference is in Scottsdale AZ this summer in July… If I can get the scholarship for us 4 I’m thinking we should go… It would give us a chance to go see my Grandma Charlotte, Cousins and their kids and aunts and uncles… 🙂 I don’t want to go in the summer in that awful heat… I hate hot weather… But I have not been down there in so long and really want to see my family…

I worked a little later tonight and the next two as well… So not much time other than eat, talk and try to relax a bit before bed. We all kind of are exhausted… Lets just hope Kodiak stays asleep…

Good night! Thanks for reading.

PS: My Little sweetheart did my hair this am… She loves doing this to my hair… I get a lot of comments on it… It’s called a “waterfall braid” and People always ask how to do it… she googled it… 🙂 Thanks to my kiddo…

Love you Indy 🙂


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  1. Kodi was being really funny flipping around on the couch before mom got home doing headstands and everything. I guess he has to keep himself busy somehow. I love his little laughs these days! Its so happy and funny. 🙂 i love him so much!