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Last night my little bear cub thought everything was so funny! He was still giggling and wild and finally was out at 2:30 am. So well that would actually be this morning then. I had a difficult time getting up for work 5:45 am.
I made it through the day and it wasn’t too bad but I ended up exhausted when I got home.
I got some wonderful emails from friends, family, teachers, doctors and even formers bosses/co workers. Thanks you all. Just want this to be an update and also educational about those with special needs, Deaf, Blind, DeafBlind and CHARGE. It also provides a basic insight to what families go through with these kinds of situations. Take the time to share this with others that you know might benefit, needs to learn or needs some direction to cope with things. I will try to keep important information updated on this site with links to help.
Good night. My little one has gone to sleep and looks like we all will 🙂