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“OH! I SEE!” This takes on a different meaning each time I hear that! For someone who actually can see? It’s obvious! They understand something or can see something. For someone who can’t see??? It means they understand but in a whole different way.  They only can “see” with touch, motion, braille or tactile ASL!  Well, Kodi had understood ASL and we have continued to use it even after he went completely blind. But now? He see’s in a different way. He knows we can see his hands and signs even though we are not touching his hands but that for him to “see” he needs to touch our hands, arms, face, etc.

Kodi’s Intervenor texted me today and said “Kodi signed “more walk”” I’m so excited for you Anna!!! I know you have tried… But this understanding that we can see him had encouraged him to reach out to the world and let the world know what he wants. YEAH! This is what he was doing at Metro Deaf and home before the vision loss.  We would get him to sign all kinds of things… we don’t have his beautiful brown eyes back… But we do have Kodi coming out of his dark silent world and reaching out to tell us things.  He will learn quickly now that he knows we can see his sweet hands. Last night also Kodi signed with both hands “potty” Colt took him with no success however Kodi knows now that we will when he signs it.  So we shall see 🙂

Before he lost vision completely!
Before he lost vision completely!

I’m disobeying Dr’s orders about wearing brace… I can’t sign to my kid with it on.  He does not want it on my hand… My right hand is used most.  Some day I will explain to him that he hurt my hand. But for now I can’t stop my communicating with my baby.  I know he needs his mom.  I need him to feel safe and ok.  I can’t have him wondering “who is this with this thing on their hand?” I’m so glad it’s not a fracture.

His eyes are really bad. Mattered and red.  His eye doctor wanted me to increase drops.  I will probably be calling her because it doesn’t look different at all…

Hope to enjoy a quieter weekend.