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I absolutely don’t know what is up with Kodiak! He is acting like a wild man.  He went to school today. Nana went home. I worked a little later tonight. But these are not a pattern but one thing is. FULL MOONS! I know Doctors tend to look at me weird. But it affects animals, the tide, fishing and hunting, more babies are born and more accidents and ER visits… So that has to be it.  He goes from his wild child maniac to crying and pounding on his left eye.  He is flipping around on the couch and stripping every stitch of clothing off to wanting his clothes back on.  Oh! and thank for reading my post… I remember from so many what sign for soup is… I was having an exhausted moment. I finally was able to get a person at his eye surgeon‘s office today and they had Dr. Polly Q. call me.   Thank you so much… we are upping the use of one of his drops.  The poor kiddo.

Kodi had more soup… thank you dear Symone.  I learned tonight working in urgent care… I would not freak out in an ER. As long as it’s not my kid.  I try to act quickly so that I can get people help needed quickly. But then some of my dear friends and doctors can testify that I have seen a lot of disturbing things with my own kid.  Now that is hard.

I want to thank my Symone and ColtEn for taking good care of Kodi when I’m not here.  I can tell Kodiak missed his big brother.  Colt made me put his E in capital… everyone seems to spell his name wrong these days. 🙂

So back on the full moon…..


I can’t remember the first time we had issues with Kodi and the full moon… But I do know he’d be in his Danny sling wiggling all over in his bed and setting off his alarms… So under a year. As he got bigger these problems grew.  It was my beloved Auntie Laurie relating to me the full moon saga with her Bryan and his sleepless nights with musical beds and more seizures.  I began to pay closer attention. And YES! It was a 36 to 48 hour stretch of wild crazy behavior.  He did not sleep and that meant neither did we.  So here we go. We could not get him to sleep and nothing worked… MILK, rocking in a rocking chair, cuddling, rubbing his back or face or hair, lavender, warm bath, massage, all it did was make him giggle and get worse.  When he got older we would put him on the bottom bunk.  We would tuck him in. He would giggle.  Shortly after that he would get up and slam the door, open it, slam, open… etc  Each time he would get put back into bed. Awhile later he’d get up and turn on the bedroom light. Off, on, off, on… Colt would get so mad! We tried duct tape on the switch.  He’s peel it off. Colt finally fixed that one night by pulling the chain on ceiling fan.  Ok! But my crazy boy was not done.  He’d get put back into bed.  Over and Over. I’d sit outside the room in the hallway.  He’d know I was there because I’d keep putting him back.  So he’d get smarter.  He’d play possum. He would suck his thumb and cover his eye with his other hand.  I would leave after a while and go to my bed finally… I remember one night we were woken up and so startled to the TV being on FULL BLAST!  When we could finally figure out what was going on we realized all the lights were on and it was Kodiak in the living room giggling at what he did.

My wild little boy... When a flash was used you can really see the coloboma's in his eyes...
My wild little boy… When a flash was used you can really see the coloboma’s in his eyes…


You can see the coloboma in the back of his eye by the white spot. He was known to use his longest finger to touch his teeth or other things.
You can see the coloboma in the back of his eye by the white spot. He was known to use his longest finger to touch his teeth or other things.

Another time… We had security alarm that was set that you could not go in the basement.  We also had a gate in front of the stairs because well lets just say it kept Kodi from flying down the stairs on wheels… We woke up to the burglar alarm going off and the phone ringing and having to remember our pass word out of a deep sleep.  But where was Kodi? Why had the alarm been set off… Then we hear him in the basement in his yellow jeep riding it around in the dark bumping into walls and giggling.

Another time? We hear crashing and banging and all kinds of noise and every light on in our house.  He ran around turned all the lights on and then went to the living room and started throwing all of his toys.  I remember sitting up and being scared as to what was going on.  These were always full moon events… always something.

I’m sure my kids could add to quite a bit to these stories…  Well thanks to the past two years we don’t even get 36 hours of this wild stuff… maybe 16 to 24 due to meds and Melatonin… Thanks to the Gillette Children s team 🙂

Please have a restful night! My Grizzly went to sleep 45 minutes ago. 🙂

Mischievous little critters!

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  1. Judith Green

    Great having your blog! Provides a good link for Team Kodi at school. Teachers definately know about the full moon effect on children! And yes, his day at school yesterday was restless and active as well but he signs more for whatever food or activities that he wants to continue and hangs his cane on his hook. Way to go Kodi! Our Best to the English Family. Judy and Team Kodi

  2. FYI we could add to them but the stories were soooo funny(at the time it was not).