Just a quick one!

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Nana’s are awesome. I had two days of work and was so cold. My mom still visiting made our favorite turkey whole wheat noodle soup… Aw so grand!!!
Kodi finished his soup and was looking for the bowl that just got cleared and then he signed “more” he gobbled it up. So Nana gave him more soup!!! Yeah! He is really picking up on more candy and more cookie!!! Opps!!! I forgot sign for soup… Anyone? What is that sign for soup??? Help!!! We have left overs tomorrow…
Oh! He also loves cucumber and veggie cream cheese sandwiches….
All for now!!! Thanks for reading.
Grizzly’s momma!!!
PS: I don’t have a fracture in hand thumb… Sprain… Splint though for 4 to 6 weeks. He sure doesn’t like it. It’s hard to sign with splint on and he can’t feel my hand as well…

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  1. Ya thank you for the sup nana it was good