I cant sleep

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So I had to work. My dear mom and girls (Sym , Emily and Abby) watched Kodi. He was relentless to keep hitting his left eye. I did not now this. Mom met me at my clinic where I was working. They waited while I got a splint on my right thumb wrist. A couple of weeks ago Kodi head-butted it against a table or counter. I remember how it hurt but I’ve been trying to ignore it.! Well I can’t even lift a glass or chart in clinic without it hurting and I keep dropping things. I will see Dr on Tuesday. For now I have a splint.
I can’t sleep because my face hurts. I get sharp stabbing pains. I took an Aleeve but not helping much if at all. I miss my Colt. I want Kodi to get communication quickly. So we can tell him what he’s doing hurts us. I want to know what hurts on him.
We took girls to shop at Charming Charlie’s. We saw extended family by complete surprise. Hugs were in order and a photo was sent to Kim. Thank you Cathy for the hug!!!
The girls picked out some fancy items and Kodi was so giggly. However, he wanted his Zorro sleep mask on. His eye is so swollen shut and bruised. We spent a long time I there.
We came home and my Colt had called to tell me he was so tired and going to bed. I love you Colt. Symone curled my hair, Emily and Abby facetimed their mommy. We all went to bed.
I hear Kodi up in his room. 4:30 am is too early… He always does this on weekends when we can sleep later…. He’s picking things up and giggling and throwing them…. Shoot I have to go get him… Lincoln logs are being thrown.