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Ok we had a very busy weekend. Kodiak was not very happy Saturday morning. But then perked up in the afternoon on Saturday… By Sunday he was giddy, happy and mischievous .. I think it’s quite safe to say that he understands that we can see him sign now… He is signing “more” a ton and we give him peanut butter MM’s just so he understands that we can see him even though he can not see his own hands… My little perfectionist does it quite well I might add… Sunday afternoon Symone and I ran a couple of errands… Colt was the man in charge of our little CHARGER… (sorry could not resist the pun) He was listening to a boring book being read to him from school and Kodiak suddenly out of nowhere decided to jump up on the couch and slam his head against the wall… Now we have a nice head shaped hole in the wall. He does this on the stairs as well. The little monster just laughs. Colt felt really bad but I know how difficult it is to stop him… and then the risk of getting hurt like he’s hurt us before… The latest being my concussion and both hands.

Anyway, he is not going to bed very good at night again… I’m wondering if he is actually outgrowing his doses of meds. He is now 50 pounds and exactly 4 feet tall… He’s been a pound per inch all along… well he’s 2 pounds over 48 inches so it must be those MM’s šŸ™‚

Yesterday I went to work. I came home very exhausted but very quiet as well. My middle one Colt went via Auntie Kim to Nana and Papa’s house. He is so excited to go because they are building a house and hunting. So Symone, Kodi and I went to Target to pick up some things. Kodi was prancing and giggling all over target. Then he’d pull off his Zorro sleep mask and wail on his eyes. Then he’d cry. Shortly after he would prance, giggle and act goofy. He got to eat Chipolte for supper and he was so excited. But when I sat him at the table he kept slamming his head on the table. But he chowed down his food. He refused to feed himself because he’d scoop too much and half of it ended up on him because he could not fit it all in his mouth. I wish he would sign “help” instead of slamming his head. It’s a way to protest. Well after he ate and got down Symone gave him a white chocolate covered animal cookie with sprinkles on it. He would not stop giggling. He kept signing “more” So decided I was going to get him to sign “cookie” again with the word “more” So began some kind of giggle dance and so much enthusiasm and silliness that I was not sure he was understanding at all. He signed “MORE” then I would sign in his hands “more cookie” He would clap his hands and giggle… I would sign “you sign more cookie” He would sign “more” and then clap… this went on over and over. Finally he calmed down. He actually paid attention to what I was signing and he signed a modified “cookie” So I gave him a small piece. He clapped his hands. I then signed “more cookie” he signed “more” and clapped his hands and giggled… this went on over and over after about 10 minutes he signed almost perfect “more cookie” and then clapped his hands giggled and went crazy jumping around like he knows he did an amazing job… I gave him 2 cookies. We played this game until he got subdued and he was tired of “cookies”

So on to tonight… I first have to say “I love and miss you so much COLT!!!” Today I went to work… Kodi was home with his PCA. I got home so exhausted. Then later this evening Kodi began signing “more” we decided to give him his peanut butter MM’s. So I gave him 2 like usual. He right away signed “MORE” Then I signed “more candy” he stopped and you could tell he was processing this. I know he remembers this sign. He then signed “more” giggled and clapped. I signed “more candy” and then helped him sign “candy”. Right away he signed “candy more” Yeah!!!! I gave him 2 MM’s. Last night I was trying to use his braille card for More but since I was teaching him the cookie again I think it was getting to be too much…

It is very safe to say he knows we can see him even though he can not see us… when we sign to him he holds on to us… when he signs he does not need us to hold his hands anymore… This is huge. It took quite some time for him to realize he can still have fun. Now he’s learning finally we can see him. After all the fun we have had this summer he’s finally becoming that funny little mischievous little guy. He tonight was just sitting there jerking with laughter so hard with no sound and then gasps with a breath and then does something naughty like pull his sister’s hair. And the full-fledged screech with delight! OH! HOW I DO LOVE THEE!!!! Symone thank you for being so good to him… thank you for finding the humor in his little naughty moves.

Every new person now I’m signing their title and finger spelling their name… IE: mom HEATHER plus my signing name, friend SARAH, doctor FEYMA etc. I’m hoping he picks up on this… He’s very receptive and giggles when we do this… He is also really noticing the changes in flooring. We walk into a store he bends down and touches it with his hand, we walk from wood floor to carpet and he has to bend down and touch it. He notices this change every time even with his CROC’s on… We only wonder “Kodiak what is up with that!!!” Friday he did this… We got out of the car, touch the parking ramp, we go through doors to check into Gillette and down he goes again, we walk down the hall and the flooring changes and again down he goes. We have to go to x-ray… same thing… then elevator to get labs… same thing! Ok and another thing… We don’t take him grocery shopping… He loves to lick the carts… need I say more?

Kodi is also still head-butting people… my little billy-goat is on a rampage… watch your noses, head, collar bones, ribs, hip bones you name it… Oh! and biting… the scratching finally went away. But he bites Symone and Colt when they hold him back from doing something to hurt himself… And his eyes… well he really wails on the left one.

Nana and my lovely dear adorable nieces will be here tomorrow… Symone is having her girly party finally without Colt to pester his girl cousins and sister. (I love you buddy!!) It’s a spa party. All girly: foot bath, polish, make up, etc you name it… Nana, Kodi and I will be here to supervise.

Well I need to go to bed…

Thanks for checking in šŸ™‚

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  1. Lynn Eccles

    Hello everyone in this precious family!
    It’s me, Lynn Eccles… Kodi’s old intervenor. I kept reading all your story. I have been thinking of Kodi and wondering how was he doing these days! Wow, you all have grown and kept busy with Kodi! I understand that you have moved to a new home. I’m glad that Kodi is doing okay at new home! Maybe someday, I would like to come and visit with you all, include Simone, and Colt. Yes, I continue doing intervenor job with two other clients these days. Also, I do still work for Metro Deaf School for my 12th year. Tell this “little Grizzly guy” big hello from me. Take care.

  2. Dear Sweet Lynn,
    You are always a part of our family. You are welcome at any time… please call/text me… the phone number and email is still the same. New home but we are all adjusting slowly… You have seen us in our high and low times. I know Kodiak would still remember you… We still have your bracelet here for object cue… Just today I got him to sign “more candy” and “more cookie” as I had both choices šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ My mom was here to watch.
    We look forward to seeing you…