Busy fall and now it’s winter!

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It’s always busy around here. There are some things that just don’t change and others that do. Working full time, two still in school and the oldest doing things for her future. It creates an intricate well planned out dance. … Continued

Remodel for my blog…

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  Remodel – we usually think of as re-construction of buildings of some kind… Well I have learned it also means blogs…. The term is not so widely used for blogs but mine was under re-construction.  The old blog I … Continued

Some days are harder than others…. To stay positive!

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I will start with the fact I enjoyed my time of vacation and vacation in between jobs. It was exactly what I needed. It was time I could sleep, and be a mom and not be working over 40 grueling … Continued

Things hard to explain…

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So have you ever been asked by your small child “Why?” And not know how to answer? Have you asked your teen “Why?” when they did something crazy dangerous or just plain stupid and they just look at you? Have … Continued

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