New year is making me OLD!

Oh! WOW! A year ago is was so stressed to have my oldest as a driver… 6 months from now I will have another driver. And my baby will be a teenager and starting middle school as a 6th grader next year… But first I need to slow down a bit…..

Kodi will begin his transitioning phase… Has to learn the ropes of the new school and all the while have the safety and security net of old classroom and school while he is still there. I don’t have all details yet. My hope is to have photos soon. But wow! Life just gets all calm and a room to breathe and then WHAM!!! It hits all over again…

In one month the middle kid went from even to 1 inch taller than the oldest.


Short road trip to see GG…



My sleepy head! He really love his room and his bed! FINALLY!!!



My sweeties… Not saying much today… However, stay tuned bigger things coming 😉


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We’ve come a long way baby!!!

Well, first quarter of this schools year is over. We have had our first snow. We have gotten even more settled in our new home. Symone and Colt have new rooms. Kodiak is in his room all alone. I sleep good at night. He sleeps good at night and we all seem to be more relaxed and able to enjoy life just a little bit more.


Colt got to go to his first Twins game and they won. He was so excited.


Kodiak signed “I love you” back to me and it made me cry tears of joy.


We painted Symone’s room in an ombré Aqua color… To look like the ocean.


My little guy passed out on my bed. So so so cute.






Kodiak got his first filling in clinic…. He was so cute, cooperative and so sweet.


Kodiak had so much fun with a basket of clothes. He put all of it on. His PJ’s, 5 sweatshirts, my running pants, his brothers jeans, his brothers shorts and tried to put more pj’s on. It was so funny. We had to get them off cause he was getting hot. But this is one way to entertain a DeafBlind child.


We went to play Ultimate Frisbee with friends. Kodiak checked out the boundaries of the park. He loved the fence, leaves, and all kinds of little friends.



Playtime with older brother and sister is so much fun. NEVER GROW UP.


Upper left: we woke up this am with Kodi crashing his dresser over. The other 3 photos show we moved the dresser into his closet. So now he can’t tip anything over… KODIAK WAS UNINJURED! I don’t know how he came out of that but he no longer can open all drawers on his dresser… It’s in the closet with doors shut. Whew!!!

I have to tell you I’m very low on words tonight. However, the photos speak so much more for themselves. We are one busy family and we try to have fun. Hug your family.

Chow for now!


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We Moved!

Where to begin? I gave up on finding a place safe for my little grizzly bear, but one evening after a meeting my oldest had to get in some night driving time before taking her road test. Kodiak was asleep. Colten was at Nana and Papa’s working. So away we went. She decided to go driving in a different area. That is when we saw it. The for sale sign for the perfect place. I looked it up right away. Good price. I then called and left a message. I sent the info to Papa.
There were a lot of ups and downs. There were some strange things. Like the Wednesday I was working and I got a voicemail that seemed like a rather urgent message from Kodiak’s intervenor stating some guy wanted to get in to see the place I rented. When I tried calling her back she didn’t answer. The message was cut off and I didn’t know why. My coworkers were concerned and told me to leave and go home. My other two were not answering and they were with friends. So I began calling my landlord and texting them. They said no one should be there and to call the police. So I did. What unfolded and what was said to me really shook me up. I began shaking and started crying. I had no idea what to think or expect. I left work and headed home. My dad was so calming and yet I knew it was probably upsetting him too. Then the landlord called me. She said it was probably a scam and that she would be there too. About a block from my home the police called to tell me that Kodi and his intervenor were fine. I got home and we delt with all the issues. The family came thinking they had rented the place only to learn they were scammed and out money. My intervenor was not answering because she had to help Kodiak and her phone was not near her so she didn’t know I was calling. All was well. I hope that family got the criminals! I felt so bad about that. Finally, I got my new place. It is ours. We got moved in just in time for school to begin. We are doing modifications to keep Kodiak safe…

First though — big sister got her drivers license….


Then she was able to help drive and move. We had Kodiak help move his things out and then back in.



Then we kept him at new place. Nana, Kodiak and I.


I feel bad we didn’t take him back in the empty space. I kind of forgot to do that part. But he has all his things now and more.

His room got painted.






He also got to use his friend as a pool again before it got cold!


We have some other awesome things we are doing for him as well… We will post as they get finished….

He’s also doing great in school…


On playground


Walking outside



Walking to the office to get and drop off mail


Sign candy — and probably gets it 😉



Kodiak’s living space is now all on one level!!! Safe again at last!!! For now “home sweet home” and as my realtor gave me a sweet sign to remind me “Life IS Good!!!”


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Summer Flies By!

Memorial Day weekend was a mess… We had Kodiak in ER because of a racing heart. It ended up both my boys had strep. However, it was not figured out until Tuesday. So we were exhausted from ER and the hospital.

Finally school was out… But, Hard to believe school was out. My Colt and middle kid graduated from 8th grade. Also my sweet little niece. So two more in the family looking at High School next year. My oldest a Junior next year. The kids celebrated with a bang. They decided since cousins came for a 22 hour visit it enjoy every minute of it. Supper at Noodles, snacks at Target and glow sticks. They got glow sticks ready and all decked out with them as the sun set. They couldn’t just run around. So we went on a walk. Trying to keep 5 kids with glow sticks quiet alone with a squeaky stroller was difficult. So we went up by the schools and in backwoods trails.





They are great kids. We got back at almost 2:00 am. Kodiak was fast asleep in his stroller and I went to bed and off to work later. They were up watching movies. When I left for work. Silly kids!

Just a few days later we were off to the great city of the Milwaukee Brewers. We were also at a wonderful motel called Wildwood Lodge. The staff there was so sweet and helpful. They were amazing to my extended family and many friends that also stayed there. My kids got to swim.





Then we went to Miller Park.







That was the highlight of our summer!

I had some car trouble and my dad came to the rescue. Then we headed home. I had a couple of days with my kids. I can’t tell you how nice it is to see my precious ones relaxed and happy. We had some flooding as we would in a river town.


Then my alert went off for my parents home. Both my brother and family and my parents homes were in the direct line of two tornados. We called my family and they headed to their basements. They lost power. But the tornados missed them. Just trees down. But some farmers lost barns, animals and many trees and crops.


My middle kid stayed with my dad while my mom and my oldest niece came back with us. We had a good time. Except for one little thing… The girls decided to jump over the tennis net. One made it and my daughter did not. It’s on YouTube. Those two could not stop laughing. After we got my daughter all checked out they begged to put it on you tube. Then on to vine.

Please don’t try this yourself. They were video taping each other and well then synced the two. So it is shocking.

We spent this weekend with some fun and difficult things. Fun in parks and with family and friends. We are done posting for now. Kodi’s asleep and I need to sleep as well.


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Winter Springs into Summer and rushes to Fall!

Aw! It’s been awhile since we have posted. Finally we healed the wounded eye on our grizzly. We have done some exciting and not so exciting things.
The not so exciting things are not posted because they are not post worthy. Well that and one of us… Not saying who… Broke a toe… Anyway….

We found some cute comfy PJ’s for our little bear. He loves his PJ’s. I emailed the company and asked if I could have permission to post about them. They said I could. Here’s a couple photos however, not the best quality in the photo department but amazing quality in the product. I can’t see the colors fading soon. After a month they still look brand new and actually keep getting softer. Not that they are not soft to begin with.





Then we saw these. Oh! So soft and cute and not so girly like all the other places we have looked…. THANK YOU LAZY ONE!


In fact he had a very unhappy day and he could not be comforted… Storms were brewing. We put on nice clean LAZY ONE PJ’s and mask and gave him a foot bath. It kept him entertained and calmed him and he had the softest hands and feet too.




Finally a smile. He moved closer to the foot spa tub and sat on the floor. He couldn’t resist putting his hands in either.

Then transitioning to warmer weather at school. Outdoor play time again. Kodiak loves climbing, slides, and swings.



Not the best photo out there as others used their better cameras. But this night Kodi didn’t sleep his best before it. Then woke up several times that night and the night after slept all night.


Then we realized he was in pain again and resorted back to the heavy duty mask and swaddle technique.




There are PJ days as well when he’s in a bad mood. Thanks to LAZY ONE he looks cute in them.


Kodiak’s in the largest kids size. I hope they will make a size 12 just like the size 10’s. But for now he’s covered. The larger boys and men’s sizes will be too big for this skinny kid.

Oh!!! We put them on when we went to a movie. We usually hit the latest ones because then he has had his meds and falls asleep and doesn’t disturb so many.

We went to the “Bears” movie. We had some good laughs and loved it too. As you can see we love bears, wolves and moose.

If you want some LAZY ONE PJ’s too… They have a website and a store at MALL OF AMERICA TOO! They have something for everyone there. Not just kids.

All for now. Keep your paws clean. And sleep well!


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Good news first or bad news first…

Don’t you just hate it when people ask you this? So my last post I said I would have some surprises… Well I do. But I have decided to address my post from December 20, 2012 first. It was raw. Well as a family we had hoped deep inside that the person we were referring to would get himself back on track. Maybe things would start over. That didn’t happen. Instead almost a year later he sent a text with a photo of his new marriage license. It hit us all like yet another wall. I know that I should be happy to be completely free from it all. Not really. I miss the old guy. The sweet nice one. But now my choice is I have to view this as a closure and move out of this strange hope. We have to change our hope to we hope he gets his life figured out. I have to say it rocked me much harder than I felt it should have. Why can’t divorce be on the same date of the wedding? Then it only ruins one day out of the year instead of two. Anyway, I’m writing this first because I’ve had some time to adjust and not feel so emotional about it. I’m now telling myself he was going to do what he was going to do. The sick part? Telling me by text and making me tell the kids. I always did have to clean up his messes. It’s really not fair. But for now we are just taking one day at a time. We are looking ahead to some fun things.

So that why I wrote this first. Put it all in the past. I can’t ignore what happened. But I had to find the right words.

Moving on to the fun and exciting things…

I have a new driver in the family. Permit was granted over a week ago and I don’t know what I was so afraid of…


This has actually been fun! She is a champ. She has been driving in all kinds of conditions already. Snowy roads, blizzards in the dark, the interstate several times and around town including the lovely roundabouts. My dad was up and took her as well and had her parallel park a few times and back up and spin around in a parking lot. Today she was our chauffeur when we took Kodi to urgent care.

Kodiak decided to get to his eye again. It was looking grand yesterday and almost healed…. Now his head is all wrapped up. What we need is the face mask they mold and put on burn victims. Only as a mask like zoro. One that fits his sweet crooked little face and then put on a football helmet with a face guard so he can’t get anything off and his eye can heal…. I wonder if we could do that… I think I will call the doctors tomorrow and at least ask pros and cons.

I knew the bandage the doc put on today would not work as it was way too itchy. So I cut up a soft t-shirt to wrap his head on top of the bandage. This way the gauze would not be around his head and the coban would be on top of something softer. :-). This is not our first time wrapping the kids head.


Good reason to go to urgent care? When he won’t let it heal? Yes!


All wrapped up! But it’s itchy! I know it won’t stay on two days. We will be doing good to keep it on for 6 hours.


Mama’s version is much kinder! All ready to eat? Yep let’s see 4 hours before he got it off!


Eating is a distraction though! For now!


So the other exciting news? Well it’s been years in the works? I wrote about it in November 2012. We were at a DeafBlind conference. They asked us to please come. Kodiak has piloted a few programs. But now we can finally say we have his new equipment. What it is?
Thanks to
Apple, Perkins school for the blind, and many many others…. We have the following equipment for free:

iPad air and defender case
iPod and defender case
Freedom scientific focus 14 refresh able Braille reader.


It doesn’t end there….now are also getting enrolled for free at the Hadley school for the blind at
This we way we will know how to help Kodiak learn and how to teach him about our almighty and wonderful God that can heal him. We can teach him God’s name. And how he sent his son to die for us so we can be healed.
We will not learn Braille by touch. But by sight. I know a little and I’m very excited.

So now I need to learn how to use this equipment. Also program music and let Kodi listen to it. He loves listening to low tones. I think he hears something with earbuds and men with low deep voices… Maybe the hitting will stop? I sure hope so. At least we have apple products so we understand all of that. There is an instruction manual in Braille… Oh, and in print for people unable to read Braille yet… :-)

Well I gotta go take my turn with the kid!!! :-)


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Updates get old… Even to me.

I feel like a broken record…. I get tired of my updates with nothing really improved…. Blah! Blah! Blah! My last post about doctors really was more about my frustration of not finding clear answers. But Kodiak had several more visits and another CT SCAN. I think by now my baby’s head is glowing. But no sign of infection. Just deviated septum and swelling that might be linked more to allergies. Yeah! Well! We just keep on trying to figure it out. In the mean time… It’s good it’s been very cold… Kodi had worn mittens to soften the blows he gives to his left eye. His open wound we keep patching up at night after he has gone to sleep. We keep trying new things. It works for a little bit until he realizes he can still find a way around our schemes.

In December we all went skiing and snowboarding while Kodi stayed with Nana and Papa. We had so much fun. I even went snowboarding for the second time. It went a little better than the first time. But my legs get so tired. Next time I will have to go first. Then ski last. Am I too old? I don’t know, but I will say I do enjoy winter and being out there versus sitting in a chalet watching people and playing cards. I was never one to just sit and watch others have all the fun. My nieces and kids were so encouraging and I think my brother and sister-in-law thought I was crazy. Oh! Well! I won’t give up on it yet.






I thought this photo was so cool. Sitting at night on the hill looking down. Resting of course because I was exhausted. I decided to rest and cool off and get enough energy to continue down hill on my snowboard. I love winter!

Then our temps got real cold. The kids went back to school after winter break. And the next Monday and Tuesday it was way too cold to even venture outside long let alone walk to school. We had record lows with even colder windchill here in the upper Midwest. What an amazing time though. They kept getting up all night tossing a glass of water in the air… Also to feel the coldest temperatures they had ever felt. Of course no one slept. Ice formed all over the windows and doors. They took really cool photos of them.

Then people got sick. I lost my voice and still don’t have it completely back… Grrr! But there is some exciting news coming later this week. I will post about it after it happens. I’m so excited as it’s been years in the making!!!!

I’m hoping we see huge results with Kodi and communication! It’s the ONLY hint I will give for now! Oh! And I might have another helper! In the form of a human… :-)

My 3 babies that are snug a bugs in a rug… I dearly love you and hope you all sleep soundly!!!

For now I will leave you with some winter sunsets! Love them!




Opps! Last one was a sunrise!


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