Medical March Madness! 

I feel like we all have Doctors appointments bunched up. March madness? Maybe! Do you have family members doctors appointments all stack up same time of year? One time I tried to change it by just making appointments  later and later. But suddenly we are back there again. 

I think it all began when spring break started. My little Kodiak decided he was done getting bounced on the trampoline at SkyZone.  


We were getting a video of the two of us when he had just signed “finished”. I thought “we will be quick.”  Well, I should have listened. He ended up trying to headbutted me. Then I was trying to get away, he got me real good on the inside of my right shin and lower calf. I got ice on it quickly but it’s never stopped hurting. The video makes me cringe all over again.


That was February 27. An X-ray a week later showed no fracture! But the pain was no better. So now 2 times to therapy for ultrasound and massage to get it healed sooner. Alternating heat 2 minutes to ice 1 minute several times a day while its elevated. Oh the pain that grizzly caused me!

All three kids saw the dentist. One needs a filling and one needs all 4 wisdom teeth pulled. Then the one now lacking wisdom went and got all infected in one tooth. My poor Symme Indy. 


What a cute swollen face! 

Let’s see on to the spine part.
Spine looking better!!!! Well all of Kodiaks therapy is helping to keep scoliosis from getting worse in fact it’s improved and we don’t need a brace!

And check out these new tracking devices… They always know where their patient is. 


 Even big brother Colt got one when he was seen for old fracture gone wrong.


My grizzly wild and free no where near sleep but entertaining himself in his room. At least not as crazy wild anymore.

After one of the wild crazy nights when he finally crashed and big brother did too after his turn to stay up with the wild grizzly! 


Let’s see… The next part wasn’t so fun. My parents flew to Arizona to be with my dads sister that was losing her battle with cancer. Her cancer won March 20th. Then just 4 days later their mom (my grandma on dads side) also died. Wow! Talk about getting slammed.  

 My grandma on the right just died at 91. My grandma on the left will be 96 in September. We drove down there and spent much needed time with family.   


Late night drive on a full moon. Wild man was quieter because we were in the truck. Symme drove the last 2 hours. My middle kid is taller than my old kid… 


Flowers were beautiful…  


Kodiak had some good times outside. By a huge log at Nana and Papa’s house. 



It Just doesn’t end. Colt got stomach flu, I got some weird bug, my other two got weird things… I just want to stand up and scream STOP! Go outside get fresh air, and some sun. Get rid of those bugs!  


Kodiak got some things from WTR in the mail. It was so sweet. Look at that smile on his face! Go see a rodeo if you can. It’s some good clean fun.


My Colt also had an eye that got some weird inflammation in it. Probably from shop class. So now he has drops to keep putting in. Both kids need glasses and Symme got contacts again.  

 Now I can see those mischievous eyes again!

But then getting gas I popped my neck out. My Kodiak isn’t sleeping and I’m ready to cry I’m so exhausted. He pulled his 40 hours of no sleep again. It drives us crazy. We really have not recovered. But my leg is almost healed… I might go running again here soon… Still a little sore. I was kicked my my horse once but I sware my baby’s head was way harder.   

Hey! We had a difficult few weeks. But we also had a little fun. And now my middle one is in Drivers Ed and my neice got her permit! Kids grow up so fast! Where did time go!


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Issues of a DeafBlind CHARGEr! 911! Well almost!

You know I could list all kinds of things that are obvious. I could share what everyone knows and is obvious. But this is only about one HUGE pet peeve of mine that really really grosses me out! And HOW do you let him safely know that THIS was a huge “no no”.

Bad behavior returns again!

Last week I came home to my son getting his clothes off and standing in poo. Now he did it again. He ate his supper and while we were all getting ready to leave (I say getting ready as in changing clothes etc) he wondered off to his room… Nothing wrong there, he has freedoms… But he took his clothes off and well… The visual you don’t need and a the smell was awful. And he was acting like he was so proud of his gross mess. You got it! Now this is old behavior resurfacing and he things is so funny because he gets attention and of course gets a shower because I refuse to allow a child sit in disgusting germ filled messy poo! So to a kid that LOVES water and baths how does he know what he did is wrong? I can’t make it a cold shower. That is cruel. But honestly for months he’s gone into the bathroom, or told someone by pulling us to the bathroom or just go in his pull-up if he couldn’t make it.

THIS is one HUGE reason I HATE carpet!!! I’m so grossed out after cleaning it up. The kids helped by getting him showered. He learned last week that this is so funny. That if he makes a mess then he gets a shower or better yet a bath. I have to break this and FAST. I’m so ready to rip out the carpet in my new place and just have whatever flooring is there exist. Seriously! I just CAN’T do this.

My other issue is we can’t just let him go into the bathroom by himself. He floods things! Been there done that! So SOMETHING has to get figured out right away. He loves water so when he walks in the bathroom he plays in the sink and toilet if we are not right there.

You see my dilemma. Perkins now what! Please help. Dr van Dijk? Any ideas? Anyone?

I just want to cry! I’m going crazy and need to stop this NOW!

Sorry for no photos but I don’t think anyone would like to see the mess that was made 😉



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Ok! Well we all know vacations are supposed to refresh you and give you a break from your busy and crazy life. All too often people end up living it up on vacation and then needing a vacation to recoup from their vacation. Well I decided for about 13 years now I have been completely sleep deprived. Here are just a few of the recaps:

Extremely loud snoring husband… Well THAT issue ended almost 5 years ago. No more of that racket!

Kodiak’s apnea monitor and oximeter that he had been hooked up to his first 2 years of life. Well he no longer needed that as he grew out of it. Whew! That deep shallow breathing he did every night? Almost killed me.

The noisy street we lived on that was the main route for all 911 calls 24/7? We moved. Yeah! It’s so quiet here!

The bright lights of the city… Also fixed… I have the darkest shades on my bedroom windows ever… Black out! Yes!

The all night party animal that roams the house creating chaos? Well? We have contained him to his bedroom at night at least, to keep him and us all safe. Yes this is Kodiak. He stays in his den. However, he still gets up! He wrecks his room and is so loud. He sounds like a bucking bronco or a grizzly banging or kicking the gate. Then he growls, screeches and carries on all the while laughing and being a sweet little menace. Ho! Hum! Sleep still alludes me.

Then every 28 days or so the moon decides to become very very full. For some reason I can only express in humor because no one actually will do a study on the effect the moon has on sleep and crazy behavior. However, I live with it every month people. This IS a FACT. This child becomes like a wild crazy stallion, Kicking, stomping, and turns into a gorilla doing silly things and making himself laugh. Then he turns into a trumpeting elephant and crashing things around him. But then when HE crashes after hours of this crazy, he acts somewhat like a wounded grizzly or billy goat. He headbutts, scratches, slaps, kicks, and lashes out and makes a fist and says GRRRRRRR!

I’m telling you. I just get a full night of sleep and start to feel all energetic and full of life. My body loves it so much and craves it, and then the monster pulls these all nighters. Even if it’s quiet and I get sleep, the pattern of waking up when he was all wild just sends out signals to my brain something is amiss. My brain then makes me dream the kind of dreams that are terrifying and makes me think something happened so I jump awake wondering what happened only to realize all is well. But now because my heart is racing like wild mustangs I can’t fall asleep.

When people talk about going on vacations…I just think about all the work involved… Wash clothes, fold clothes, pack clothes for 4, prepare food, travel (drive because Kodiak can’t fly) and then get there and not be in a safe place. My kid wakes the family, friends or other guests in motels, their homes or campgrounds. So I feel a level of stress… I can’t fall completely asleep because he might get away… I’m always on guard!

Vacations have no appeal to me. I feel very selfish even saying this but sometimes I would love a gift of sleep. One week of someone else taking care of all my responsibilities. Take care of all my kids. And send me to a resort that is designed to help you, make you and let you just sleep. I wonder if there even is such a thing? Maybe I should start something like this. I wonder how many parents or caregivers of special needs kids or family members out there would also enjoy something so sweet as this. Is this just a dream? Is this reality?

Hmmm! I’m doing research and will get back to you on this… In the meantime… Let me hear your ideas…. You can email, comment or send ideas to my PO Box

Seriously, there has to be something for us parents or caregivers so we can get caught up on much needed sleep. And do our most important job as parents to our best of abilities. 😴😴😴😴


As I drift off to the sound Kodiak is making…. What? Gotta go see what is up now…


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Hudson Hot Air Affair Part 3

Well, this afternoon was still not safe to launch balloons. We came back home feeling disappointed. But since the two older kids were not feeling well, most took naps.

Then they came to me and said “Can we just drive by the moonglow and field of fire?” Kodi was all for it. He was tired of lazy napping sick people.

(Click on highlighted words — it takes you there)



So we drove there. Good grief! So many cars and people everywhere from all over. Symone decided she just wanted to drive around in the truck with Kodi so I could just go get video’s and photos. She was cold and really felt crummy. We switched drivers and Colt and I headed towards the field. We walked by the ambulance, EMS and Fire trucks and fire fighters. It was a reminder of what could go wrong. I’m thankful we have these people that can do these jobs. (Sorry for blurry photo I really didn’t want to get firefighters in the photo. Don’t want to upset anyone)


First off Colt and I met up with the dragons. my video of the ART brought to you by Click on those here: video 1, video 2 & video 3.
Three fire breathing dragons!

We watched a balloon fill up and then light up. So cool!


As more balloons inflated it was getting so cool to see and somehow felt warmer.



We watched one from start to finish in the dark. I Tried to record it. Click here to watch! Amazingly enough when other balloons would light up you could see people on the outside of the balloon as the one we were watching was getting filled with hair. Then they added the flame and it started to lift up. It’s always so much fun to see this. Science in action!

Symone could not find parking anywhere so Colt met her and brought Kodi to me. I had Kodiak with me while they took the truck to go park further away. They forgot to give me Kodi’s coat. But amazingly enough I was just in my sweatshirt and he was as well and it didn’t feel all that cold still. In the middle of all the balloons it actually felt ok. Just me and my little DeafBlind kiddo.





I only wished my little man could see these balloons. He loved these kinds of things before. He loved lights and colors. He loved moving lights, fire and balloons! Maybe this is why we keep doing the things we know he loved to do at one time. It’s like we are recreating the events so he has something to help him recall those colors. He was so happy. He didn’t want to hold on to me. He was just dancing and flapping his arms. He was giggling and having fun feeling the crunchy snow and ice on the ground under his feet.

After several phone calls & texts from family and friends, I finally tried reaching my kids. They finally found parking and we’re walking to where Kodiak and I were. It was so dark. Then 5…4…3…2…1 and the dark noisy world would light up with color and for about 30 seconds to a minute. You would have that time to soak it up and quickly take it all in. You could see and feel the heat. Oh and also try to find your kids!

The weird thing was, they called me and were so close but we couldn’t find each other. It was dark and you almost have to wait until the pilots light up again to look. Kodi was starting to get cold. The balloons lit up and we found each other and Kodi got his coat on. He was so sweet. Symone was feeling so sick but so glad she got out to stand in the center and watch them light up.

We got some family shots!








Thank you HHAA for not just a torch light. I know it all depended on the weather. But it was fun to see some balloons today. Even though there was no launch it was fun. It reminds me of other things people do in life where some think it’s crazy… You get up early in search of the perfect photo… But it’s also in hope of seeing something or something amazing happens.

Others that get called crazy:

Hunters that go out in all kinds of weather… But see or get nothing. Yet they continue to go out in the hopes of the big story.

Fisherman can take in all of their surroundings either wading up a river or in a boat all day in hopes of catching the “big one” only to set it free and have a great story to tell.

Rodeo participants that put themselves in harms way to seek the rides that help them make it big. And stories to tell!

Firefighters that run into burning buildings in hopes to save a life when others are running away. More nobel than the others but the thrill is still there.

Cancer patients that seek treatments in hope that something works because sometimes it does. They don’t desire or lose that will to live until quality of life fails. But even then if guaranteed 100 percent cure they would take it.

It shows we all live for the good brief moments we have in life. If we stop living for those moments now we are in trouble and need to seek help. My family lives for the BIG one. The REAL one. Yes these brief moments are so thrilling to us. It reminds us over and over of what is yet to come. The day my little boy can see, hear and have a perfect normal life right here on earth with no more sickness, pain, sadness and he can tell me all those stories I have yet to hear from him…. That’s the real one! The big moment that will last forever! I know we are so close to seeing it so soon!

Don’t stop living for those moments that make you happy. I don’t mean things that allow for deteriorating health and addictions. Stay away from that trap! I mean do the things that give you a sense that you are alive. If you dreamed of climbing a mountain but you don’t have the ability or the means? Find a little hill and do it. If you are lonely and feel all alone? Go visit someone in a nursing home and sing them a little song and bring them a flower. Their smile will touch you in a good way. If you find yourself fighting for life either due to illness or mentally? Remember this, God loves you, he cares for you, he wants the best for you, he provided a manual for you to live by and he won’t forget you if you should die. He will restore you to life right here again to fulfill his purpose for the earth. So each day, search for Him. Don’t give up. Look for meaning and little things that can bring you joy. HE can be found.

I hope this experience put a little smile of hope on your day!

You can find answers to so many of life’s questions on JW.ORG


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Hudson Hot Air Affair 2015 Part 2


My photo from 2 years ago… Sorry it’s really the best I have right now. But let me share our timeline so you will see why we enjoy this so much.

Alarm goes off 5:30 am
I check the weather on my weather bug app, clear skies, 24 degrees, wind speed is 5 MPH

I check on Facebook and the website. Looking good the launch. I text two oldest kids “let’s go”


No one answers but I hear them scurry to get up.

It’s now 5:40 am. I jump outa bed and get dressed. Gather up our things and get clothes for Kodiak. We grab his MEDS and blankets and pillow. Symone made him a bed in the back seat of our expedition.


Then she made herself one.


We leave at 6:10 am. Colt is my co-captain today.


Both Colt and Symone are sick. I just hope I don’t get it and Kodi stays healthy too.

We drive to Caribou to get hot chocolate (Colt) and apple cider (Symone) and coffee for me. Then head to our favorite spot by EP Rock school. 😉

Wow this year at 6:30 am other cars are all lining up as well. It dark and you’d wonder why people are sitting in their cars freezing all lined up. Just wait! Already several teams are pulling onto the field and selecting the best spot for their balloon launch. I plan to get up close and personal today. I want to show the flame so you feel the heat and record some sounds. It’s a sound you learn to hear and know exactly what it is. Like a buck snort, owl hoot, bear growl, farm animals…. You get the point!

Just announced at 7:01am that the decision will be made shortly. The weather conditions keep changing.


7:20 the trucks, trailers and crew are pulling on to the field. But no decision announced yet!!!

7:25 some crews are pulling baskets out and setting up

7:35 still waiting but more showing up

I got photo and video of one ballon tethered… Watch UP CLOSE!

The best I could do… A photo or two…



7:48 headed back home disappointed. And Symone not feeling well but wearing a sweatshirt from the last weekends rodeo. (See earlier post)


Now my stickies!!! All back in bed or sleeping on the couch.


Check back here after 3:00. We will be headed to that launch and will post more hopefully!


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Hot Air Affair in Hudson 2015

This Friday night was nothing like last Friday night that was so much spur of the moment and so full of fun action. So I don’t want to take away anything from that amazing time we had at the Worlds Toughest Rodeo last Friday. (Read my post Rodeo Time) but this is an every year event that we look forward to. I want to just share it in a way to give people an idea of the experience but up close! Check back often to see updates and photos.

Last night I got home and we headed down to watch the parade however we mostly wanted to see the fireworks. So we went down by the river and parked. The quality of photos are poor due to my iPhone issues. I also have video








I wish Kodiak could see this! He loved lights and would have loved this! It’s nothing like the amazing fire show at the rodeo last week. But still fun and just mostly different.

Check back often. More from this weekend will be posted. Feel free to share with others as well.

Chow for now!😉


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Rodeo time!

Have you ever been to a rodeo? How about the Worlds Toughest Rodeo? We had the privilege of getting tickets to it very last minute tonight. This was a huge surprise in itself. But not only that I got an amazing call right before I got home that if we got there at 5:30 Kodiak would get in to the Cowboy Camp. Now this took some doing. I left my job to head 15 minutes in the opposite direction at 4:35. I then had to call my older kids to get his meds and other necessities and to be dressed in western wear. I got home and changed in rapid fireman like speed. We loaded up and I needed to fill up the gas tank. Then we were on our way. 30 minute drive. We were only like 10minutes late and we were given a name to ask for. She came and got the kids as I dropped them off and then went to park. So when I got inside I got to see this…


He already had his ride by the time I got down there. 😔 But when I got down there he was so content and just feeling the pony….


But let’s just say that was not all… There was so much fun yet to be had. From Justin the barrelman and the announcer making us laugh, the wild rides to the one armed cowboy and his tricks with his horse, truck trailer and two buffalo… We just had so much fun. These grandparents in front of us with their little grandson were so amazing as well.

We sat 3 rows from the front dead center of the action. Kodi even got a free hat. We were treated so special and the amazing people signed so many things for us tonight. Andy Carter even wrote on the back who his sponsor is LOST*COWBOY Kodi could not see or hear the show but he sure felt it and we tried getting him to be part of it by dancing to the beats in our chairs. The very beginning made him scared and shake because it was so loud and he even started to cry. I think he just didn’t understand what he was feeling. But then he got his meds and calmed down so much. But happy and giggling. My two older kids Symone and Colten were so surprised. Symone asked if we could please get a horse and Colt was so loud and cheering and clapping. I was so happy to see all 3 have so much fun.


Now however Kodiak is not falling asleep. He is all hyped up. The Cowboys asked if we are coming tomorrow… Wish we could but it cost me too much for me right now. Otherwise we would love to. It was that fun. I’ve been to several rodeos and a few at the Lazy E Arena in Guthrie Oklahoma. But it is a first time for my kids. The surprise was a good one they said.

Thank you Xcel Energy, Minnesota Wild, and Worlds Toughest Rodeo for such a wonderful time for the 4 of us.

Wish I could post some videos… 😉 But you can go check out Kodiak English on Facebook!


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